Speaking Engagements

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Cognitive Scientist. Caffeinated Writer. Idea Enthusiast.

Guest Speaker.

Kate enjoys speaking with a variety of individuals on topics related to A.I., cognition, and being human in a half-digital world.

She also loves to chat with people who inspire, who bring their knowledge and curiosity to the world with a willingness to grow.

Speaking Engagements:

The Light Inside
Together, Kate and Jeffrey explore The Many Voices of Me: Why We Show up Differently in Unique Situations. We look at the self through influences from our environment, how social circles influence behaviour, human thought-selection, norms, as well as personality.

The Data Scientist
Kate joins Dr. Stylianos Kampakis to discuss Artificial Intelligence Ethics, the importance of understanding human factors in design, and the possible future of our data-driven, digital world of A.I.

People on Dating
Kate joins Will to talk all things Online dating: from building a bio, to the way we think about the photos of others. Together they laugh through the common issues, dilemmas, and navigation tools to succeed in the increasingly popular digital space for romance.

Voluntary Input
Kate discusses Artificial Intelligences as a guest on the podcast Voluntary Input hosted by Leo Allen, a brilliant conversationalist, as part of a series diving into better understanding the field. She shares information to answer questions about what Artificial Intelligence actually is, addresses common misconceptions, and discusses potential future outcomes for a world thriving with A.I. at it’s core.

Kate joins Paulo and Marta to talk all things A.I., from defining what it is, emotions in systems, to sci-fi dreams for the future. They also discuss living in a digital world, along with what that means for cognitive development and mental health.

Kate discusses her experience as a successful female in a male-dominated field, while discussing Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence, and working in the Sciences with host Deanna Nicole. Together, they explore the concept of intent, the power of understanding thoughts, and advice for success both personally and professionally.

Label Free
The incredible Deanna Radulescu hosts Kate on her very successful podcast, Label Free, to discuss the good and bad of living in a half-digital, half-physical world, from social media presence to brand development.

Speaking Engagement: Artificial Intelligence for Finance
What is A.I. (for people with little to no experience beyond hearing the buzzword on TV), and how can it be leveraged in the Finance Industry? Written and Presented by Kate Dudzik, for Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, CIMA/CGMA Canada. (2022)

“Kate was an absolutely amazing guest to have on the show! Her intelligence and wisdom covered the topic and even above and beyond! Definitely hope to have her on again!”

Leo Allen, Voluntary Input

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